Life of I

Hello World!

I am Naresh Adepu, and I was raised in beautiful country called India. Currently, i joined Columbia University in the majestic city of New York to pursue my graduate studies in the electrical engineering department. I am excited about making new innovations which could change the world! My graduate research would on designing new circuit design techniques at very high frequencies for solving wireless communication problems.


This blog strives to entertain your souls while sharing the incredible adventures that I plan to seek. Not only will I be trained in the beautiful art of Electronics. I will also be discovering the great and unpredictable city of New York, known as the capital of the world. I am excited about sharing my travel experiences all around the world. This blog will be filled with thrilling events, emotional breakdowns and moments of enlightenment. There will also be some small jokes, some good, most of them silly, spread throughout the blog. So if you’re allergic to laughter or being happy, this is not the place for you!

Life of I?
My name is Naresh and I was raised in beautiful state named Telangana in India. I went to my high school in the Krishnaveni Talent School and 11th and 12th standards in Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad. With that knowledge, I managed to get a bachelors degree in electrical engineering at the IIT Madras. The place which has completely shaped me. Chennai (Madras) in India is the best place i have lived upto now. After completing my studies in IIT, i worked in an awesome place called Kilby Research Labs in Texas Instruments, Bangalore, India. I am emotionally connected to Karnataka state (Bangalore is its capital city) which has given me lot of love and experiences over the my stay of one year. Currently, I am pursuing graduate studies in electrical engineering at the department of electrical engineering in New York.